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The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Water and Wetlands

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), co-authored by Wetlands International, emphasises the enormous economic value of wetlands. TEEB For Water and Wetlands highlights the key role played by wetlands as natural infrastructure and the multitude of enormously productive services they provide around the world. The continued loss of wetlands illustrates the need for improved policy making and business decision making that accounts for their true value.

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Waterbird Populations Estimates Fifth Edition

This is the Summary Report of the Fifth Edition of the Waterbird Population Estimates, whose main objective is to provide a global overview of the status and trends of world’s waterbird populations; one of the most remarkable components of global biodiversity. It accompanies the searchable online Waterbird Information Portal (, which provides unprecedented access to all the data and information from five editions, as part of Wetlands InternationaI’s continuing commitment to supporting the Ramsar Convention and all those concerned with wetland and waterbird conservation and wise use.

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Restauración y conservación del Sitio Ramsar Lagunas de Guanacache, Desaguadero y del Bebedero

Esta publicación presenta los resultados de las obras de restauración realizadas en áreas piloto en el sector noreste del Sitio Ramsar Lagunas de Guanacache, Desaguadero y del Bebedero –en el Departamento de Lavalle, provincia de Mendoza–, durante el año 2011. En la misma se describe la experiencia de restauración realizada junto a la comunidad local a través de distintas instancias de participación, donde se pensaron y diseñaron obras de restauración con materiales.

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The Ecosystem Promise

This publication, featuring many case-studies of work by Wetlands International, explains a new trend of assigning financial value to nature and payment for the services that nature offers. It shows that making use of the services of nature in a responsible way is often much cheaper than building installations and maintaining these. Next to providing case examples, Wetlands International has also co-financed its production. 

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33 Examples of the Cultures and Technologies of Wetlands in Japan

This booklet is aimed for facilitating greater dialogue on the relationship between wetlands and people that will lead to the conservation and restoration of wetlands, community revitalization, capacity development and international exchange in Asia and in the world. It was published in “Inventory of Cultures and Technologies of Wetlands” project (2008-2011), which was funded by the Japan Fund for Global Environment of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency. Original Japanese version is available.

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