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Wetlands International Annual Report 2013

The “red thread” for our work in 2013 was our increasing connection, dialogue and influence with other civil society organisations, business and industry. As you glance through the Achievements section in the report, you will see many concrete examples of this, with on-ground and policy results evident from the local to global scale. Through our major programmes we have demonstrated how wetlands play a vital role in securing biodiversity, strengthening livelihoods, increasing community resilience natural hazards like floods and droughts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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Building with Nature Documentary

Indonesian coasts suffer from erosion, caused by sea level rise, mangrove conversion for aquaculture and groundwater extraction. In some places kilometres of land are lost and this will exacerbate with climate change. Hard structures like sea walls are ineffective in mud-coasts, expensive and unable to adapt to climate change. Furthermore, they fail to provide the economic, environmental and social services that healthy ecosystems offer. We combine ecosystem based solutions like mangrove restoration with engineering, called ´Building with Nature´. With this multi-stakeholder approach we build safe coastlines that adapt to sea level rise and simultaneously introduce sustainable land uses for prosperity. We aim to mainstream the Building with Nature approach in coastal management across Indonesia for climate change adaptation and to catalyse change through a large scale implementation in Central Java.

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Building with Nature Indonesia

Through “Building with Nature” we envision a safe delta coastline in Northern Java which enables vulnerable communities and economic sectors to prosper, be more self-reliant and resilient against hazards. This leaflet summarizes our approach and ambitions in Java. Our dream is to replicate this model in rural and urban coastlines in Indonesia and beyond.

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Manglares de Panamá: Importancia, mejores prácticas y regulaciones vigentes

El libro "Manglares de Panamá: Importancia, mejores prácticas y regulaciones vigentes" presenta una herramienta para la conservación y la educación ambiental sobre los manglares de Panamá.  El documento que se presenta, es el resultado de aportes de autoridades gubernamentales, expertos, académicos, organizaciones no-gubernamentales y comunidades de todo el país que trabajan con los manglares y sus recursos.

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Global Newsletter August 2013

The August 2013 Global Newsletter features news from around the Wetlands International Network. We look at how integrated water management works in Senegal, how soybean is the new boom in Argentina and how river restoration is an antidote for Europe's flood woes. 

Through the newlsetter you can visit the work of Wetlands International and our partners in field. Enjoy the read. 

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The response of mangrove soil surface elevation to sea level rise

Coastal ecosystems such as mangroves can reduce risk to people and infrastructure from wave damage and flooding. The continued provision of these coastal defence services by mangroves is dependent on their capacity to adapt to projected rates of sea level rise. This report explores the capacity of mangrove soil surfaces to increase in elevation in response to local rises in sea level.

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Membangun bersama Alam untuk Ketahanan Pesisir

Brosur ini menjelaskan konsep hybrid engineering dan memberikan alasan untuk beralih dari ketergantungan pada struktur keras, dan bergerak menuju bekerja bersama dan dengan alam untuk ketahanan pesisir. Informasi yang terdapat dalam brosur ini dapat digunakan oleh para pembuat kebijakan dan praktisi ketika mempertimbangkan opsi untuk perlindungan pantai di daerah tropis.

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Construir con la naturaleza para la resiliencia costera

En este folleto explica el concepto de la ingeniería híbrida refiriéndose a las costas de manglares. Proporciona una razón fuerte para dejar la dependencia excesiva hacia las estructuras de ingeniería complejas, y fijarse en trabajar junto y con la naturaleza para lograr la resiliencia costera. Los políticos y los profesionales responsables pueden utilizar la información en este folleto a la hora de considerar las opciones para la defensa costera en regiones tropicales.

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Working with Nature for DRR

Millions of people around the world are vulnerable to natural and man-made hazards. Unsustainable management and use of ecosystems is often a root cause of such vulnerability. Wetlands International calls for better integration of approaches to disaster risk reduction, bringing together expertise from relevant sectors and making optimal use of the natural protection provided by ecosystems.

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Building with nature for coastal resilience

This leaflet explains the concept of hybrid engineering as it relates to mangrove coasts. It provides a rationale for moving away from over-reliance on hard engineered structures, and moving towards working alongside and with nature for coastal resilience. The information contained in this leaflet can be used by policy makers and practitioners when considering options for coastal defence in tropical coastal regions.

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