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Summary ECA-position paper Bonn - March 2009

This paper summarises the postion of the Ecosystems Climate Alliance (ECA) on REDD and LULUCF (1). It is based on our recent submission to the UNFCCC (2).

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Stratégie de Conservation du Lamantin ouest africain

Cette stratégie de conservation sert de source de référence actuelle et exhaustive pour la situation du Lamantin ouest africain dans son aire de distribution naturelle qui s’étend du sud de la Mauritanie à l’Angola en direction du Sud. Le rapport identifie en outre les principales menaces qui pèsent sur l’espèce et met en relief les actions de conservation prioritaires et les recommandations formulées par les pays de la sous-région.

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Conservation Strategy for the West African Manatee

This Strategy provides a current and comprehensive reference source for the status of the West African manatee in its natural range spanning from southern Mauritania southwards to Angola. It further identifies the main threats to the species, highlights priority conservation actions and recommendations made by the countries of the sub-region.


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Good Practices and Lessons Learned in Integrating Ecosystem Conservation and Poverty Reduction Objectives in Wetlands - Policy Brief

This is the policy brief (9 pages) from the WPRP study, which was driven by two objectives: to develop a framework and methodology for assessing the outcomes of conservation-poverty reduction initiatives and to apply it to such initiatives in wetlands to understand conditions and methods that can support the integration or balancing of ecosystem conservation with poverty reduction.

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Third National Bitterling Summit in Kasumigaura

The programme and paper summaries of the summit, which served to gather researchers, locals and other stakeholders to raise awareness on the bitterling.

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