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Communiqué Wetlands Matter

Communiqué of the Symposium in Edinburgh on 'Valuing Wetlands In a Chaning Climate' , 24 February 2011.

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Q&A on AFOLU, ‘wetland management’ and the road to land-based accounting

Better management of terrestrial carbon stores (reservoirs) and fluxes (emissions and removals) can make a substantial contribution to reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. This Question & Answer booklet aims to give insight into the opportunities and obstacles with regard to reporting and accounting for changes in carbon stores in, and anthropogenic greenhouse gas fluxes from, terrestrial ecosystems. Special attention is paid to ‘wetland management’, a proposed new accounting activity under LULUCF for which huge emissions reduction potentials are readily available. This Question and Answer booklet on AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Uses) has been developed for the UN-FCCC negotiations on land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) and was produced by Wetlands International and the University of Greifswald.

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Conserver les Zones Humides de l'Afrique

Une marque page developpée pour l'atelier au Accra, Ghana de dialogue des journalistes sur le changement climatique. C'est fair par le bureau de Wetlands International Afrique à Dakar, Sénégal.

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Conserve Africa's Wetlands

This bookmark shows some basic facts about wetlands. It was made by Wetlands International Africa (WIA). 

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Mobile Exposition: Save Our Mangroves!

Save Our Mangroves! is a mobile exposition in three languages: English, French and Portuguese, which highlights the importance of mangrove forests in West Africa, the drivers of their destruction and what Wetlands International African and IUCN Senegal do to preserve them.

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Civil procedure for researching benthic invertebrate animals inhabiting tidal flats in eastern Japan

In this paper, we describe our attempts to make quantitative research studies and precise identification of benthos species a civil procedure with a method that is not only simple but also semi-quantitative and analytical. From field tests and field practices, we propose the following method as the civil procedure. 

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Tidal Flat Benthos Survey Guidebook

Tidal Flat Benthos Survey Guidebook –Eastern Japan version
An easy-to-read manual for citizen-based participatory research on benthos organisms
This version covers eastern Japan (Hokkaido to Ise-bay for the Pacific side, Noto-peninsula for the Sea of Japan side).

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Translation and interpretation of "Culture and wetlands -a Ramsar guidance document," published by Convention on Wetland Culture Working Group in 2008.

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