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Annual Review 2010

Our annual review provides a great and global overview of all our achievements, our projects, our publications and other products, our donors and our financial situation.




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Annual Report 2010

The Annual Report 2010 of Wetlands International Africa summarises the projects and achievements of our Africa team over 2010. There is a French and English version.

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Annual Review 2009

The review charts the main achievements, as well as projects, finance and publications of Wetlands International during 2009. Furthermore, it highlights our work in relation to the Copenhagen Climate summit and a personal story from one of our projects. New this year is also our Climate Neutrality Report, as promised in last year’s Annual Review.





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Rapport Annuel 2009 (Afrique)

Nous avons décidé d’en faire une tradition pour partager avec vous les secrets et les angoisses des zones humides, pour vous inviter à nous rejoindre dans cette formidable aventure de conservation de la vie sur terre pour les générations futures. Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter le rapport annuel 2009. We have chosen to make it a tradition to share with you the secrets and the problems of  wetlands and we invite you to join us in this great adventure of preserving life on Earth for future generations.  It is our pleasure to present to you the 2009 annual report.

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