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Atlas of Key Sites for Cranes in the North-East Asian Flyway

Atlas of Key Sites for Cranes in the North-East Asian Flyway


The Atlas of Key Sites for Cranes in the North East Asian Flyway was produced by Wetlands International - Japan as an activity under the North East Asian Crane Site Network. The Atlas is the first publication that provides a review of the sites of importance for cranes in the North East Asian region, ranging from their breeding to wintering grounds. It also identifies sites that have the potential to be designated as Network Sites. The Atlas is compiled by Simba Chan, the Crane Flyway Officer, with input from network members and experts and financial support from the Environment Agency of Japan. Five hundred copies were produced and these are being distributed to all important sites for crane conservation in eastern Asia as well as to crane researchers and institutes. The Atlas aims to give a clear picture of the present distribution and status of cranes in North East Asia. Species accounts of five crane species and maps are provided. It is hoped that through the documentation of important sites for cranes, the importance and conservation needs of these sites will be recognised and their protection and management can be carried out effectively. The North East Asian Crane Network was officially launched at the International Workshop on Wetland and Waterbird Conservation in North East Asia held in Beidahe, China in March 1997. It aims to promote awareness, communication and exchange of management experience among the sites. Currently 18 sites from all countries in North East Asia have been designated on the Network, linking important sites for cranes in a regional conservation network.

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