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Information Pack on Conservation and Management on Peat Swamp Forest

This information pack is designed as a reference for wetland practitioners especially those involved in the conservation and management of peatlands.


The pack consists of 8 important topics on the Conservation and Management on Peat Swamp Forests which deliver in bilingual, Bahasa Malaysia and English. These topic are presented in fact sheets form which includes:

1. Formation of Peat
2. Functions of PSFs
3. Biological Diversity of PSFs
4. Legislation of PSFs
5. Develpment Concerns on PSFs
6. Constraints and Threats to PSFs
7. Hydrological Alteration to Peat
8. Conservation and Management of PSFs

This booklet is free for distribution with nominal fee charge on the postage and handling cost. Please specify what language version would you like to obtain during the request.

If you wish to have a copy of this booklet, please contact:

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