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Neotropical Waterbird Census- The first ten years: 1990-1999

IWC – Neotropical – Results: Neotropical Waterbird Census- The first ten years: 1990-1999. Censo Neotropical De Aves Acuáticas – Los primeros 10 años: 1990-1999 Blanco, D.E. & M. Carbonell


The Neotropical Waterbird Census (NWC) was begun by the International Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Bureau (IWRB, now Wetlands International, WI) in 1990, and since 1991 has been continued by Wetlands for the Americas (now Wetlands International - the Americas). The census was established to provide information on variations in population sizes and distributions of waterbirds in the Neotropics, as part of the International Waterfowl Census (IWC) organized by IWRB.

The objectives of the NWC program are to: 1) contribute reliable data for estimating population sizes of neotropical waterbird species; 2) monitor populations trends and their possible causes; 3) collect baseline data on migration patterns of waterbird species; 4) contribute data in order to characterize neotropical wetlands; 5) identify wetland habitat threats using waterbird species as bio-indicators; and 6) establish a network of volunteers interested in waterbirds and wetland conservation in the Neotropics.

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