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Proceedings of conference "Conservation of wetland and terrestrial biodiversity in agricultural lands through landscape optimisation"

Proceedings of the interdisciplinary conference "Conservation of wetland and terrestrial biodiversity in agricultural lands through landscape optimisation", which was organized in the framework of the project “Wetlands biodiversity conservation in Ukrainian agricultural lands” were published as a special issue of The Scientific Messenger of National Agricultural University of Ukraine.



Ramsar Site “Lower Dnister”: Special Objects of Biodiversity. A. V. Andreev, P.H. Horbunenko, V. V. Derzhansky, S. P. Zhurmynsky, T. D. Izverskaya, V. F. Turkanu, G. A. Shabanova
Problems of Legislative Provisions for Creation of the Ecological Network Elements and Conservation of Landscape Diversity. A. H. Martyn
Dynamics And Current State Of Game  Mammals In Steppe Zone Of Ukraine. A. M. Volokh
Optimization Of Agricultural Landscapes As A Way To Preserve Biodiversity In The Forest-Steppe Of Ukraine. B. Ye. Yakubenko, I. M. Hryhora V. S. Stetsenko, A. P. Tertyshny 
Optimization Of Agricultural Landscapes For Conservation Of Wetland And Terrestrial Biological And Landscape Diversity In Dnipro Basin. V. Bilokon, O. Dronova
Ecological State Of Agricultural Landscapes And Ways Of Its Optimization. V. A. Baranovsky
Adventization Of Natural And Artificial Ecosystems Of Black Sea Area. V. V. Protopopova, M. V. Shevera
Optimization Of Land Structure Of Contemporary Agricultural Landscapes And Creation Of Ecological Network In Newly Created Agricultural Enterprises. V. M. Kryvov, R. V. Tykhenko
Current State And Dynamics Tendencies Of Medicinal Herbs Resources In Agricultural Landscapes Of Ukraine And Ways Of Use Optimization. V. M. Minarchenko, I. A. Tymchenko, T. D. Solomakha 
Importance Of Agricultural Lands For Ecological Network Creation In The Contemporary Agricultural Production Circumstances (By The Example Of Zaporizka Oblast). V. P. Vorovka, V. O. Demchenko, V. P. Kolomiychuk
Contemporary Problems Of Interaction Between Biota Of Core Area Of Biosphere Reserve “Askania-Nova” And Surrounding Agricultural Landscape. V. S. Havrylenko, N. Yu. Drohobych, V. P. Dumenko, I. K. Polishchuk
Protected Plants Of Ukraine, Europe And World In The System Of Agricultural Lands Of Odeska Oblast. Ye. N. Popova
Spatial Planning Of River Basins Use As A Base Of Environment Protection In Ukraine. Y. V. Hryb, N. I. Honcharenko
Przewalski's Horse (Equus Przewalskii Poljakov, 1881) As A Man-Disturbed Areas Harmonization Factor. K. A. Slivinska
Experience Of Implementation  Of Spatial Elements Of Ecological Network On Local Level By The Example Of Nemyrivsky Rayon, Vinnytska Oblast. L. M. Kyrylyuk, O.H. Yavorska
Optimization Of Agricultural Landscapes For Conservation And Restoration Of Biodiversity In Ivano-Frankivska Oblast. M. M. Prykhodko, M. M. Prykhodko (Junior)
Biodiversity In The  Soil Conservation Cropping. M. K. Shykula, O. Ye. Bykova
Analysis Of Prerequisites For Collaboration Between Owners And Users Of Land Plots And Conservationists By The Example Of Wetlands Of Mykolayivska Oblast. M. M. Parafilo, I. M. Hinzhul
State Of Vegetative Cover And Ornithological Complexes Of Agricultural Landscapes In Steppe Crimea, Problems Of Biodiversity Conservation. N. A. Bagrikova, S. Yu. Kostin
Optimization Of Wetlands Use In Ukraine. O. P. Kanash
Problems Of Biodiversity Conservation In Agricultural Landscapes Of Lower Dnipro Ecological Corridor. P. M. Boyko
Tendencies Of Plant Diversity Change In Agricultural Landscapes Of Flat Area Of Ukraine. R. I. Burda
Importance Of Land Protection For Conservation Of Wetland And Terrestrial Biodiversity On Agricultural Lands. S. V. Vankovych
Importance Of Agricultural Lands For Conservation Of Endangered Bird Species In Southern Ukraine. Yu. A. Andryushchenko
Optimization Of Agricultural Landscape Environment Under Influence Of Rational System Of Cropping. Yu. P. Manko, O. A. Tsyuk, O. P. Krotinov, M. O. Shepelya
Ways To Optimize Landscapes Of Reclaimed Wetlands (By The Example Of Reclaimed   Floodplains Of Kyiv Area). V.I.Maltsev, L.M.Zub

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