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Wetlands International 2002 Annual Review

The Wetlands International Annual Review 2002 reports on our project progress and achievements over the past year. In 2002 the programme saw the successful continuation of the International Waterbird Census. Important publications based on the census data and on input through the Wetlands International network were produced and several other publications were developed and will be published in 2003. The focus is also on the development of assessment and monitoring tools in order to establish appreciation of wetland values and to help identify conservation actions and priorities. The concept of wise use is identified as one of Wetlands Inter national’s guiding principles in working towards wetlands conservation at a global level. the organisation aims to enhance wise use of wetlands through increasing wetland management skills and raising awareness of wetland values and functions. Capacity building is a cross cutting theme and a wide range of activities have been undertaken in the preceding thematic programmes.

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