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Developing a proposed framework for a wetland inventory, assessment and monitoring system (WIAMS) in Malaysia

The key output of this project (Jan – Dec 2002) was the organization of a working group workshop to develop the above-mentioned framework and dissemination of the proposed framework to a wider group of people through the publication of a workshop proceeding.


When the idea of organising a national level workshop was first conceived in mid-June 2001, it was the intention of Wetlands International-Malaysia Office to specifically ''Develop a Framework for a Wetland Assessment System (WAS) in Malaysia''. However, the scope was broadened due to recent developments in wetland management and conservation at a global scale: it is now recognised that wetland inventory, assessment and monitoring are inseparable and essential components in a framework of knowledge for the wise use of wetlands, whether for conservation, sustainable use or multiple use objectives.

Please refer to the proceedings Workshop on Developing a Proposed Framework for a Wetland Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring System (WIAMS) in Malaysia (Cititel Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur 18 & 19 April 2002). 

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