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Numbers and distribution of breeding waterbirds in the wetlands of the Azov-Black Sea Region of Ukraine

Data on distribution and numbers of breeding waterbirds in 16 wetlands of international importance and 8 wetlands of national or regional level are presented in the monograph.


Descriptions of the investigated wetlands contain resent data as well as retrospective materials on bird numbers. Changes in habitat structure, number dynamics of bird and influence of different factors on waterbirds are discussed. Additional chapters of the monograph contain the information about methods of ornithological investigations; lists of bird and plant species mentioned in monograph are included.

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Сontent, methodology

Chapter 1. Danube delta; Chapter 2. Sasyk Lake

Chapter 3. System of lakes Shagany - Alibei - Burnas

Chapter 4. Dnister

Chapter 5. Kuyalnik liman;Chapter 6. Tiligul liman

Chapter 7. Yagorlytskiy bay

Chapter 8. Tendra bay

Chapter 9. Dzharylgachskiy bay

Chapter 10. Karkinitski bay

Chapter 11. Sivash, Western Sivash

Chapter 11. Central Sivash

Chapter 11. Eastern Sivash

Chapter 12. Molochny liman

Chapter 13. Obitochnaya spit and bay;

Chapter 14. Mouth of Berda river and Berdyanskaya bay

Chapter 15. Belosarayskaya bay

Chapter 16. Krivaya spit and bay

Chapter 17. Wetlands of Kerch peninsula; Sea coast of south-eastern Crimea

Chapter 18. Distribution and numbers of  breeding waterbirds in the wetlands of the Azov-Black Sea coast of Ukraine

Appendix 1. List of codes of the cadastre sites along the Azov - Black Sea coast (all the appendixes are in one file)

Appendix 2.List of plan species mentioned in the text

Appendix 3. List of breeding bird species on the Azov -Black Sea coast of Ukraine

Appendix 4. Sketch maps showing the distribution of key wetlands in the south of Ukraine


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Support for the conservation of wetlands and wetland species in the Azov-Black Sea region of Ukraine

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