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Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation by the Community for the Sustainability of Fishery Resources in Weh-Sabang Island, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province

Weh Island, well known as Sabang is the one of the most outer island of Indonesia (0 km point of Republic Indonesia). Weh Island’s coastal ecosystems is dominated by coral reef, it made Weh Island famous as marine tourism. Tsunami December 2004 destroyed Weh Island especially its coral reef ecosystem where many of them buried with sand. 


Since 2006 Green Coast had facilitated some efforts to prevent coastal ecosystem (coral reef, mangrove and sandy beach) through: (1) Establishment of Marine Protected Area; (2) Empowerment of traditional fisherman organization, the “Panglima Laot” in Lhok Anoi Itam; (3) Installment of mooring buoy for the boat anchor in Gapang Tourism area; (4) Rehabilitation of mangrove and coastal forest in Cabeng and Anoi Itam village. Along with ecosystem activities, Green Coast also provided financial capital for community group who involved in coastal rehabilitation activities to develop environmentally friendly small scale business.

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