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Vision of a new Ramsar regional initiative for Black Sea coastal wetlands (BlackSeaWet vision)

This publication is a background document for a new regional Ramsar initiative, which includes a brief overview of current status of coastal wetlands and main threats to them, legal framework and conservation activities related to coast and coastal wetlands, present mission, vision, key targets and objectives of BlackSeaWet Initiative.

BlackSeaWet vision


There are 80 major coastal wetlands in the Black and Azov Seas region encompassing freshwater, brackish and saline ecosystems. About 50% of them are wetlands of international importance. They are extremely important for supporting of biodiversity not only at the regional level, but at the global level too: many millions of migratory waterbirds use the coastal wetlands as stopovers on the African-Eurasian Flyway. At the same time, about 20 millions people inhabit coastal zone using the area for economic activities and recreation that lead to ongoing degradation of wetlands. In 2000, participants of international workshop on conservation and wise use of wetlands and wetlands resources along the Black Sea coast conducted by Wetlands International in Odessa unanimously concluded that "establishment of a wetland conservation initiative for the Black and Azov Seas is urgently needed". In 2007, Wetlands International has started with a new project related to establishment of BlackSeaWet initiative.

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