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Indonesia Programme's Summary 2005-2009

This publication is a 5-year overview of the activities of the Wetlands International Indonesia Programme (WI-IP). Wetlands International Indonesia Programma (WI-IP) is part of the global network of Wetlands International, working at global, regional, national and local levels to achieve the goals of conservation and wise use of wetlands, as a contribution to the realisation of sustainable development. Its mission is:  to sustain and conserve wetlands, including their resources and biodiversity for future generations. To achieve this mission, WI-IP does and will continue to work together with all relevant elements of society and government, including educational institutions, media and the private sector. 


WI-IP, formerly called the Asian Wetlands Bureau (AWB-IP), has been operating in Indonesia since 1987 on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Wetlands International and the Government of Indonesia c.q. the Ministry of Forestry c.q. the Director General for Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA).

Originally standing alone, in 1995 AWB merged together with two similar organisations, the International Waterfowl and Wetland Research Bureau (IWRB) and Wetland for the Americas (WA), to form Wetlands International. Under its new name, this organisation opened up the opportunity for national Governments to become members. With decree no.1659/Menhut-VI/95 dated 17 November 1995 the Minister of Forestry declared Indonesia a member of Wetlands International.

In November 2005 a new MoU was signed between the Government of Indonesia c.q. the Director General for Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA) and Wetlands International, as a basis for the continued operation of Wetlands International - Indonesia Programme in Indonesia. This MoU was for a period of five years with an automatic renewal of one year for the process of evaluation and extension.

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