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This report is in German. It is based on the January counts of ducks, swans, and Coot in the Western Palearctic region between 1967 and 1983, organized through the IWRB International Waterfowl Census. It gives the results of two analyses; 1) the estimation of regional wintering waterfowl populations, and 2) the trends in the levels of regional waterfowl populations.


More than 85,350 counts from over 16,800 sites in 38 countries were used. Coverage was generally good in north-west Europa (although the western Baltic has not been fully surveyed), but less complete in the Black Sea-Mediterranean region were serious gaps exist in the coverage of eastern areas. Counts from the USSR were obtained from the literature. Both analyses were restricted to north-west Europe and the Black Sea-Mediterranean region, and the trends analysis further confined to countries where consistant data were available. A total of 19 species were considered, and regional and/or national trends presented for 14 species. The seaducks and other species for which inadequate data exist were excluded.

***A review copy is available at Wetlands International Headquarter.

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