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The Scarlet Ibis: Status, Conservation and Recent Research

The Scarlet Ibis is arguably one of the most attractive species in the Neotropical realm. It is not a globally endandered species, nor is it threatened throughout its entire range. Its shy, gregarious and colonial-nesting nature, however, make it extreamly vulnerable to habitat destructiona nd human disturbance.


The ibis populations now found in South America constitute a fragmented remnant of a species formerly abundant throughout its range. Threats throughout the region continue to increase: mangrove forest is continually being cut in coastal areas, and agricultural intensification in the Veneseulan llanos may quickly spell the doom to a healthy breeding population. Contamination of coastal and interior waters by industrial and agricultural pollutants may have adverse affects which are presently unknown. Persecution of the ibis for food and feathers continues in several countries.

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