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Recommendations for CBD post-2010 strategic targets

Wetlands International gives two recommendations for the CBD post-2010 strategic targets.

A. New, stand alone target on water

B. Proposed revision of draft CBD target 14 


Wetlands International Recommendation A: New, stand alone target on water

Proposed text: Ecosystems are conserved and restored so that freshwater flows and water stocks are maintained at least at current levels to provide for biodiversity and basic human needs.

Rationale for this proposed target: For the CBD Strategic Plan to be relevant to broader sectoral interests and to fully reflect the importance of biodiversity to water security, it must incorporate a specific, explicit target referring to water. It is critical that the role of biodiversity in supporting water and vice-versa is stressed. There is a significant evidence base showing that there is a deepening global water crisis, causing “waterstress” in an increasing number of countries and catchments, in turn placing limits on human development and health and triggering political conflicts. These impacts are worsened by the loss of critical ecosystems. There is also significant evidence that the status of biodiversity is strongly impacted by growing water scarcity and reduced freshwater flows in most regions of the world.

The in-depth review of the Programme of Work on the biological diversity of Inland Water ecosystems highlighted the need for a stronger reflection of the importance of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for [water security]. In addition, a distinct recommendation that “a goal or target is developed and included to reflect this” is clearly stated within the recommendations within UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/14/L.3. on the Inland Waters programme review.

Wetlands International Recommendation B: Proposed revision of draft CBD Target 14

By 2020 ecosystems that provide essential services, particularly water and contribute to health, livelihoods and well-being are safeguarded and/or restored and equitable access to ecosystem services is ensured for all, taking into account the needs of women, indigenous and local communities and the poor and vulnerable.

Rationale for the proposed changes in target

With reference to our rationale for the proposed water target, it is justifiable to pay particular attention to water when talking about „essential services‟ provided by ecosystems. It can be argued that water is the most essential ecosystem service for the needs mentioned in this target, and is for many other services the primary condition. Making this emphasis explicit strengthens the target.

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