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Wetlands International Annual Plan and Budget 2011

This plan sets out Wetlands International’ s priorities for the coming year and translates the Strategic Intent into concrete activities and linked results we aim to achieve by the end of the year. The Strategic Intent has a ‘rolling’ character which means that it is reviewed and consequently updated every 5 years, refreshing the 10-year outlook in the middle of its lifespan. A strategy review is currently in progress while the plan for 2011 is being developed. The emergent thinking coming out of this review is, where possible, already incorporated in the annual plan.


A new Strategic Intent 2011-2020 will be considered for approval by the General members meeting in February 2011. This may lead to adaptations of the annual plan. The annual report 2011 eventually will give a comprehensive picture and full account of how the new strategy has impacted on this plan.

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