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Impact of oil palm plantations on peatland conversion in Sarawak 2005-2010

The report provides sequenced maps and statistics on the area of peatlands converted for oil palm plantations in Sarawak from 2005-2010. It builds on forest cover change and plantation concession boundary mapping results from the ongoing project ‘Transparent Mapping for Sustainabe Oil Palm Plantation Development’. This document briefly reports on the results of project activities providing maps and associated statistics on the impact of oil palm plantations on forest and peatland conversion in Sarawak during the period 2005-2010.


SarVision was asked to use computer-based satellite image classification approaches to map deforestation at 50m spatial resolution. A combination of Landsat and ALOS PALSAR radar satellite imagery covering entire Sarawak from 2005-2010 was proposed. Resulting agreed thematic map classes include forest, non forest, deforestation and water. The project aimed to overlay resulting deforestation maps for 2005-2007, 2007-2009 and 2009-2010 with available peat distribution data and calculate conversion statistics.

Assessment of the accuracy of deforestation detection were to be supported by very high resolution satellite imagery in Google Earth and ground truth from local partner SADIA and others.

The infromation of this study in Sarawak was presented together with the Malaysia wide 'Quick Scan on peatlands in Malaysia' (2010).

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