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Water grabbing fact sheet for World Water Week

Together with our partners in the Dutch WASH Alliance, we are calling attention to the emerging issue of water grabbing. This leaflet served as background information for our water grabbing event at World Water Week in Stockholm on 28 August 2012.


Ground and surface waters are under increasing stress around the world. The goal to ensure sustainable food and water security is being put further at risk from large-scale land acquisitions targeting lands with water for irrigation. In parts of Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, powerful interests are acquiring lands either with associated water resources or with the promise of water supply from other areas, often without the free, prior, informed consent of local communities whose human right to water and sanitation and livelihoods are at stake – a process that can be framed as ‘water grabbing.’


This 2-page document defines the problem, identifies the causes and drivers and identifies solutions.

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