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Action of Wetland Inventory

Wetlands International Annual Report 2013

The “red thread” for our work in 2013 was our increasing connection, dialogue and influence with other civil society organisations, business and industry. As you glance through the Achievements section in the report, you will see many concrete examples of this, with on-ground and policy results evident from the local to global scale. Through our major programmes we have demonstrated how wetlands play a vital role in securing biodiversity, strengthening livelihoods, increasing community resilience natural hazards like floods and droughts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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Q&A To Constructed Wetlands

The booklet "Q&A To Constructed Wetlands" provides a better understanding on the use of constructed wetlands to treat wastewater as compared to conventional methods.  This booklet was jointly produced by The National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM) and Wetlands International, Malaysia.

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The Marshlands of Southern Iraq

This report is the result of a comparative analysis of the Marshlands of Southern Iraq to six other wetlands in the world. The study was carried out as input for the nomination process of the Marshlands of Southern Iraq as a World Heritage Site. 

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Inventario de los humedales de Argentina

El Corredor Fluvial Paraná-Paraguay constituye el principal co­lector de las aguas superficiales de la Cuenca del Plata, des­tacándose por presentar grandes extensiones de humedales, que se caracterizan por el régimen de pulsos con fases de inundación y sequía. Sus flujos de agua integran regiones con distinta historia geológica, ecológica y cultural, funcionando como corredor térmico, geoquímico, biogeográfico, de trans­porte humano y de diferentes modalidades de vida. Estos humedales albergan una excepcional biodiversidad y brindan importantes bienes y servicios a la sociedad.

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Wetlands of International Importance in Russia / Водно-болотные угодья России, имеющие международное значение

 This book contains basic information on the 35 wetland sites designated by the Government of the Russian Federation for the List of Wetlands of International Importance under the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971).

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