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Action of Southeast Asia

Submission on mitigation potential of peatlands to the UNFCCC

This submission to the UN Framework for Climate Change (UNFCCC) stresses the need for enhanced action with respect to the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. About one quarter of all human induced emissions come from agriculture, forestry and other land use, mainly from land use change, fertilizer use, livestock and peatland degradation. Our stand is therefore that the conservation and restoration of peatlands should be one of the priorities to be addressed in order to effectively meet the world's climate change mitigation ambition pre- and post 2020.

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Q&A To Constructed Wetlands

The booklet "Q&A To Constructed Wetlands" provides a better understanding on the use of constructed wetlands to treat wastewater as compared to conventional methods.  This booklet was jointly produced by The National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM) and Wetlands International, Malaysia.

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Environmental and social impacts of oil palm cultivation on tropical peat

This report provides a review of available scientific information and published literature on impacts of using tropical peat for oil palm cultivation in Southeast Asia. It describes carbon flows and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from native and degraded forest and oil palm plantations on peat, as well as other environmental impacts and social and economic aspects of the cultivation of oil palm on peat. Based on the available literature, the report presents conclusions on the gaps in knowledge, uncertainties and confusion in existing datasets. 

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Mengintegrasikan ekosistem ke dalam praktik resiliensi

Integrasi pengelolaan ekosistem dan sumber daya alam ke dalam pengurangan risiko bencana (PRB) hingga saat ini nyaris terabaikan. Dokumen ini memperkenalkan serangkaian kriteria yang dapat dipergunakan oleh perumus kebijakan dan para praktisi untuk mengintegrasikan pengelolaan ekosistem dan sumber daya alam dalam pekerjaan PRB mereka dengan lebih baik.

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WKLB Vol. 21 No.4

Warta Konservasi Lahan Basah sebagai sarana kecil dalam berbagi informasi dan pengalaman di bidang perlahanbasahan, terus berupaya mengetengahkan informasi-informasi dan pengalaman dari berbagai kalangan di berbagai tempat. Semoga agihan sederhana ini dapat menjadi bahan inspirasi dan edukasi bagi kita semua.

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