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60 Years, 60 Beneficiaries

60 years ago Wetlands International began working towards the safeguarding and restoration of people and nature. Over the past six decades we have grown, both as an organisation and in the scope of our work. Join us in celebrating our birthday and have a look at some of our beneficiaries over the last 60 years. 

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Global Water Agenda: WASH & Ecosystems

A Presentation by Susanne Boom

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The impact of subsidence: can peatland drainage be sustainable in the long term?

This presentation presents the impact of peat soil subsidence and discusses the issues of sustainability of peatland drainage activities.

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Social and economic issues of tropical peatlands

This presentation introduces and discusses the social and economic issues of tropical peatlands, and it was presented at the International Peat Congress (3-8 June 2012), Stockholm, Sweden.

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Tana Delta, Kenya - Competition for Land and Water

The Tana Delta is the largest and wetland ecosystem in Kenya and is found on the Kenyan Coast (East). The Tana river is the largest and longest river in Kenya ( nearly 1,014 km long ). The Delta is about 130,000ha and suppors 100,000 people, consisting mostly of farmers, pastoralist & fishermen. However, the river volume has fallen by 20% in 10 years.

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Management impact of scarce water resources of the Upper Niger on the IND

This presentation on the Inner Niger Delta discusses the hydrology, water grab by existing and future dams, socio-economic and ecological impacts of water grab downstream, as well as long term solutions.

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The Water Crisis in the Inner Niger Delta (Mali)

This presentation decribes the water crisis in the Inner Niger Delta of Mali, one of the continent's largest wetlands, and the relation to dam building upstream and climate change. It is made by Bakary Kone from the Wetlands International Mali Office for our press conference on the Future of the Niger River at the World Water Forum 6 in Marseille, France.

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Ecosystems and Community Based Climate Change Adaptation Training Kit

Wetlands International and its partners have taken the initiative to develop a Training Program on the different aspects of ‘ecosystem and community based climate change adaptation’. The program consists of six different modules, each focusing on a different aspect and angle to the problem. It is developed primarily for senior program managers and practitioners and can be adapted to meet the training needs of policy and decision makers and key persons in international and national agencies and donors.

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