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Here you can watch presentations, trainings and other nice stuff by staff of Wetlands International prepared for different meetings over all the world. You can also choose to view presentations per topic by clicking on the menu on the left.

60 Years, 60 Beneficiaries

60 years ago Wetlands International began working towards the safeguarding and restoration of people and nature. Over the past six decades we have grown, both as an organisation and in the scope of our work. Join us in celebrating our birthday and have a look at some of our beneficiaries over the last 60 years. 

Status & Achievements under the Dutch WASH Alliance Programme

A presentation by Susanne Boom

Integrating Environmental Sustainability in WASH Practice

A Presentation by Susanne Boom

Global Water Agenda: WASH & Ecosystems

A Presentation by Susanne Boom

The impact of subsidence: can peatland drainage be sustainable in the long term?

This presentation presents the impact of peat soil subsidence and discusses the issues of sustainability of peatland drainage activities.

Social and economic issues of tropical peatlands

This presentation introduces and discusses the social and economic issues of tropical peatlands, and it was presented at the International Peat Congress (3-8 June 2012), Stockholm, Sweden.

Tana Delta, Kenya - Competition for Land and Water

The Tana Delta is the largest and wetland ecosystem in Kenya and is found on the Kenyan Coast (East). The Tana river is the largest and longest river in Kenya ( nearly 1,014 km long ). The Delta is about 130,000ha and suppors 100,000 people, consisting mostly of farmers, pastoralist & fishermen. However, the river volume has fallen by 20% in 10 years.

Management impact of scarce water resources of the Upper Niger on the IND

This presentation on the Inner Niger Delta discusses the hydrology, water grab by existing and future dams, socio-economic and ecological impacts of water grab downstream, as well as long term solutions.

The Water Crisis in the Inner Niger Delta (Mali)

This presentation decribes the water crisis in the Inner Niger Delta of Mali, one of the continent's largest wetlands, and the relation to dam building upstream and climate change. It is made by Bakary Kone from the Wetlands International Mali Office for our press conference on the Future of the Niger River at the World Water Forum 6 in Marseille, France.

Ecosystems and Community Based Climate Change Adaptation Training Kit

Wetlands International and its partners have taken the initiative to develop a Training Program on the different aspects of ‘ecosystem and community based climate change adaptation’. The program consists of six different modules, each focusing on a different aspect and angle to the problem. It is developed primarily for senior program managers and practitioners and can be adapted to meet the training needs of policy and decision makers and key persons in international and national agencies and donors.

Presentation at UN Biodiversity summit COP 10 about peatlands and climate

Presented by Alex Kaat on 19 October 2010 in Nagoya, Japan, During the 10th Conference of Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Mobile Exposition: Save Our Mangroves!

Save Our Mangroves! is a mobile exposition in three languages: English, French and Portuguese, which highlights the importance of mangrove forests in West Africa, the drivers of their destruction and what Wetlands International African and IUCN Senegal do to preserve them.

Manatee Monitoring Training Modules

These are videos of the two modules on Manatee Monitoring Training Module that provide a training on how to do manatee monitoring. Documented at the Saloum Delta Workshop on Manatee Monitoring in May 2010 in Senegal by Sander Carpay, Communications Officer, Wetlands International Africa.

The Flyway Training Kit

The new Flyway Training Kit is a one-of-a-kind resource in flyway-scale conservation and represents an important step towards meeting core strategic objectives of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and AEWA. This innovative conservation tool by Wetlands International and partners is designed to build capacity to plan, implement, monitor and engage in effective flyway-scale conservation of migratory waterbirds and wetland habitats in Africa and Eurasia.

Peat swamp forests and palm oil

This presentation was made for the meeting with EU at the end of January 2010. It discusses the following issues: 

  • Where and what are peatlands
  • Peatland loss and carbon emissions
  • Biofuels, palm oil and peatland loss
  • What is / should be done

Palm oil and peat training tool

This is a powerpoint publication, consisting of 73 powerpoint slides about the impact and guidelines for palm oil production on peatlands.

Biodiversity Conservation, Econet Development and Integrated River Basin Management

The handbook contains 15 lessons on biodiversity conservation, econet development and integrated river basin management as well as a glossary. It is a part of educational toolkit that contains a CD with lessons and their Power Point presentations, scenarios of environmental out-of-class and out-of-school lessons, environmental games, contests, poems, stories and fairy tales. The handbook is destined for teachers, leaders of environmental and naturalistic centres and representatives of environmental NGOs.

Public Participation in the Conservation of Small Rivers

This publication contains materials from the training course entitled "Public Participation in the Conservation of Small Rivers".

Presentation at the AWC Coordinators Workshop 2003

Presentation on Shorebird Monitoring in Australia at the Asian Waterbird Census Coordinators Workshop 2003.

Presentations of 3rd Board of Members Meeting

Wetlands International 3rd Board of Members Meeting - Presentations. Ecosystems and Global Change. By Prof. Dr. Rik Leemans, Bureau of Environmental Assessments. - The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2001. By Doug Taylor, Wetlands International. - Proposal for the Conservation of the River Enviroment in Kushiro Mire 20

Presentations of 4th Board of Members Meeting

The keynote technical presentations at the 4th Board of Members meeting of Wetlands International, held 26-27th November 2004 in Bangkok, can be accessed from here.

Menjelajahi Hutan Bakau Buku Panduan Guru untuk Pek Aktiviti Am

Bagaimana Mengguna Buku Panduan ini?

Buku panduan ini akan digunakan oleh guru-guru sebagai panduan untuk mengajar murid-murid sekolah rendah untuk menjalankan aktiviti pendidikan alam sekitar khasnya tentang ekologi dan kepelbagaian biologi hutan bakau. Kandungan buku ini dibahagikan kepada 2 bahagian, penerangan diberikan dala, Bahasa Malaysia dalam bahagian pertama dan bahagian kedua dalam Bahasa Mandarin Setiap pengararan mempunyai objektif tertentu yang perlu dicapai seperti yang dinyatakan dalam setiap topik.

Restoration of Lake Ecosystems: a Holistic Approach

The handbook is primarily developed to address the restoration of wetlands in Central and Eastern Europe and, therefore, encompasses mostly case studies from the temperate zone.  The book emphasised that these ecosystems function in a larger ecological entity - the landscape. To be truely sustainable, the management of wetlands has to be incorporated into a system of integreated land and water use and, indeed, into the socio-economic system of each country.

Waterfowl and Agriculture: review and Future Representative of the Crop Damage Conflict in Europe

These proceedings are the outcome of the international workshop"Farmers and Waterfowl: Conflict or Coexistance" held in Lelystad in the Netherlands in October 1991 and convened by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature management and Fisheries, the Netherlands in co-operation with the International Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Bureau. In total almost 70 participants from 16 Europe countires and Canada attended the meeting.

'Save Our Mangroves'