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Intercambio de Experiencia para el Buen Manejo y Restauración de Recargas Hídricas

Video sobre el intercambio de experiencia para el buen manejo de cosechas para reducir el impacto a recargas hídricas, tomando el ejemplo del cultivo de maíz y frijol en Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Un buen manejo de la área de recarga hídrica previene a los deslizamientos en este área. El trabajo es parte de la Alianza por la Resiliencia en Nicaragua.

Building with Nature Documentary

Indonesian coasts suffer from erosion, caused by sea level rise, mangrove conversion for aquaculture and groundwater extraction. In some places kilometres of land are lost and this will exacerbate with climate change. Hard structures like sea walls are ineffective in mud-coasts, expensive and unable to adapt to climate change. Furthermore, they fail to provide the economic, environmental and social services that healthy ecosystems offer. We combine ecosystem based solutions like mangrove restoration with engineering, called ´Building with Nature´. With this multi-stakeholder approach we build safe coastlines that adapt to sea level rise and simultaneously introduce sustainable land uses for prosperity. We aim to mainstream the Building with Nature approach in coastal management across Indonesia for climate change adaptation and to catalyse change through a large scale implementation in Central Java.

Wetlands International #WhatsInYourPaper

More than 120 non-profit organizations from around the world have come together to endorse a new Global Paper Vision. 

Join a global conversation that can be an extraordinary opportunity to protect our air, water, forests climate, and communities. Share the hashtag #whatsinyourpaper with your followers, friends, and connections to be a part of the solution and help generate a powerful force for change. Visit http://environmentalpaper.org/vision to read more.

Dutch wetlands inspire Indonesian coastal managers

Indonesia plans to restore the eroding areas of its coastline in Java and Bali with nature based approaches inspired on Dutch methods. Also other vulnerable coasts in Indonesia will be looked at. The Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), environmental organisation Wetlands International and research institute Deltares last week Friday formally agreed to collaborate in the effort to tackle the erosion problems of Indonesian coasts.

Filtros Verdes para agua limpia, saneamiento ambiental y permacultura familiar

Como parte del programa de la Alianza por la Resiliencia en Guatemala, entregamos a comunidades con escasez de fuentes de agua, 15 sistemas de tratamiento de aguas grises domiciliarias, denominados Filtro de Raíces y Tierra o Filtros Verdes. Estos 15 filtros reutilizan y optimizan unos 90,000 litros de agua mensuales en beneficio de las familias y la comunidad, a través de un sistema que incluye la plantación de especies herbáceas nativas con raíces filtradoras. No sólo devuelven la calidad del agua, si no también lo optimizan para la producción de alimentos de las familias mediante huertos familiares y permacultura en condiciones áridas, y contribuyen con el saneamiento ambiental.

River Talk Series: with Matthew Reddy, International RiverFoundation

Jane Madgwick sits down with Matthew Reddy, CEO of the International RiverFoundation to discuss the process and prestige of the 1st European Riverprize and the prospects for regional awards in the global south. This is one of the seven River Talk videos recorded at the European River Restoration Conference. For more information visit http://www.restorerivers.eu/, http://www.riverfoundation.org.au/ or www.wetlands.org.

River Talk Series: with Alastair Driver, National Conservation Manager of the UK Environment Agency

Jane Madgwick sits down with Alastair Driver, National Conservation Manager of the UK Environment Agency to discuss the impact in London and the UK after the River Thames won the Internatioanl RiverPrize. Alastair highlights some of the current projects of the Environment Agency and what the future needs are. This is one of the seven River Talk videos recorded at the European River Restoration Conference in Vienna in September 2013. For more information visit http://www.restorerivers.eu/, http://www.riverfoundation.org.au/, http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/ or www.wetlands.org.

River Talk video: Author and Journalist Fred Pearce

CEO Jane Madgwick sits down with acclaimed journalist Fred Pearce to discuss his impressions of the European River Restoration Conference, the potential for rivers to lead the way in the current century of ecological restoration and the need to engage society. This is one of the seven River Talk videos filmed at the European River Restoration Conference.


River Talk video: European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik

CEO Jane Madgwick sits down with Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment to discuss the EU's commitment to rivers, how river restoration can help meet the goal of good ecological status of Europe's rivers and the 1st European Riverprize. 

Why West Africa's Manatee deserves top CMS and CITES protection

The African Manatee is a member of the Trichechidae; a sirenian, mermaid-like sea cow that can grow up to 3 meters and weigh 500 kilograms. Wetlands International is calling for tougher protection measures to ensure the survival of this endangered species.

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