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Global Water Agenda: WASH & Ecosystems

A Presentation by Susanne Boom

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Environmental Sustainability In purifying water and keeping it clean

One of the important goals of the Dutch WASH Alliance is providing clean water and keeping it clean in order to prevent diseases. What is the most effective way to achieve that goal in an ecologically sustainable manner? This factsheet contains a number of suggestions and practical examples. Projects can focus on preventing sewage from coming into contact with drinking water, but they can also focus on reusing nutrients from that same sewage. 

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Environmental Sustainability In the storage, management and use of water

How can you store large amounts of clean water that would otherwise be lost via runoff ? And how can you access that water when it is needed? The answers to these questions diff er for each area or watershed. The Dutch WASH Alliance therefore works to find the most sustainable, suitable and context-specific solutions. The goal is to provide people with enough clean water, in a way that benefits both them and their natural environment. The ‘3R’ approach plays a vital role in realising this goal. 

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