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Central Kalimantan Peatland Project

This project aimed to restore the water table in logged and drained peat swamp forests. This was achieved by closing drainage canals, thus preventing oxidation of the peat, and preventing wildfires in the dry season. Wildfires eventually lead to irreversible destruction of peat swamps and flooding.
This project was carried out in Indonesia, together with our Indonesian offices.

Action Description:

The Central Kalimantan Peatland Project (CKPP)

The Central Kalimantan Peatland Project was a project which worked in a specific area in Central Kalimantan to protect the remaining peat swamp forests and restore the degraded peatlands in Indonesia.

Kalimantan's peat swamp forests are of international importance for the conservation of biodiversity and mitigation of global climate change. Unfortunately, unsustainable agricultural practices and logging activities pose a strong threat to the future existence of these globally important ecosystems.

Drainage of the peat swamps leads to rapid decomposition of the organic carbon of the peat and to annual peat fires. This degradation has a devastating impact on the means of income for local people, their health, biodiversity, air pollution in Southeast Asia and last but not least climate change as huge quantities of organic carbon become carbon dioxide. Peatland emissions from degraded peatlands will continue until all peat has disappeared. Emissions of degraded peatlands can only be reduced by restoration of the peatlands.

The Central Kalimantan Peatlands Project (CKPP) was conducted in one of the main degraded peatlands of the region: the ex-Mega Rice project in Central Kalimantan. A poorly planned agricultural project of thousands of hectares has turned a rich and beautiful peat swamp rainforest largely into a disaster area.

Dedicated to maintain and restore the great natural and economic values of Kalimantan's tropical peatlands, the project restored the area by closing drainage canals, ending the drainage, replanting forests and developing sustainable livelihoods.

For more information see the CKPP subsite

Action Partners:

 Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

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