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28-Jun-2006, views: 1708

This comprises four components, including installations of buoys for ship parking, coral reef rehabilitation, an establishment of diving service centers, and an establishment of an exhibition centre...

20-Jun-2006, views: 1877

Green Coast partners have gathered ideas and various projects that cohere with the communities’ needs. Various organizations are considering a resources conservation network that will run on

17-Jun-2006, views: 1549

Besides degrading scenery values and causing pollution, garbage also interrupts sea turtles' egg-laying, during the breeding seasons. The garbage is especially dangerous for the Leatherback turtles t...

15-Jun-2006, views: 1814

This has prevented understanding to be developed among stake holders, particularly in the marine and coastal resources sector which have various stake holders with complex relationships involved. Th...

06-Jun-2006, views: 1852

On World Environment Day, Wetlands International organised a mangrove replanting day in Kuala Gula. A number of restoration efforts have been carried out to re-establish degraded mangrove areas alon...

01-Jun-2006, views: 2013

The Penang Inshore Fishermen and Welfare Association has received a grant from the Green Coast Project to continue its work in mangrove replanting and rehabilitation. The tsunami disaster has given t...

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