Our research in the Inner Niger Delta in Mali

Our Mali Office located in Mopti-Sevare has been researching for more than decade annual flood extension, infrastructure planning and biodiversity in the Inner Niger Delta. In partnership with reknown research insitutes like Dutch Attenburg & Wymenga, extensive field studies have led to a strong knowledge base on these topics.

With this knowledge, our Mali Office engages the Malian Government on all levels on policies and activities that affect the Inner Niger Delta, such as the building of dam infrastructure upstream. Most well-known is the publication The Niger, A Lifeline in which different scenarios of upstream dam building in the Niger River and their impacts on the Inner Niger Delta are discussed.  

Other important publications include: 

Atlas du Bassin du Niger / Niger Basin Atlasa joint production with WWF with detail maps of flood extension, land coverage and use, precipitation and much more.

Impacts of Dams on the People of Mali (read below), a booklet extracting conclusions from the Niger, A Lifeline.

The latest publication is the report Will the Inner Niger Delta shrivel up due to climate change and water use upstream?, analysing the impacts of dam infrastructure in combination with climate change scenarios. 

Impact of Dams on the People of Mali

Impact of Dams on the People of Mali (download the complete booklet)

Our reports & publications

Water sharing in the Upper Niger Basin

The scope of this study encompasses the Upper Niger Basin in Mali, focussing on the downstream Inner Niger Delta up to Tombouctou. It focuses on the core bottlenecks and options with regard to IWRM an... Read more

Will the Inner Niger Delta shrivel up due to climate change and water use upstream?

When the climate will change in the Sahel, this will have an impact on the flooding of the Inner Niger Delta and, therefore, also on its ecological and economic functions. This report evalua... Read more

Towards a further extension of the OPIDIN tool

OPIDIN is a predictive model to forecast the flooding of the Inner Niger Delta when the water starts to raise. OPIDIN is an acronym for Outil de Prediction des Inondations dans le Delta Intérieur du N... Read more

Planting trees to eat fish

This book draws on the experiences of four projects (in Indonesia, Kenya, Zambia/Malawi and Mali) that combined conservation and development goals. The four projects demonstrated – each in a different... Read more

Atlas du Bassin du Niger / Niger Basin Atlas

Cet « Atlas du Bassin du fleuve Niger », édité avec l’appui technique du World Wildlife Fund (WWF), est consacré à faire mieux connaître l’importance de ces ressources du bassin. Il constitue un guide... Read more

The Niger, a lifeline

An extensive study on the impact of existing and planned dams in the Upper Niger. Impacts such as irrigation, hydropower generation but also loss of agricultural and grazing lands, changing fish stock... Read more

Le Niger, une artère vitale

Cette étude pluridisciplinaire, couvre les domaines de l'hydrologie, de l'écologie et de l'environnement. Elle vise à mettre au point un outil d'aide à la prise de décision pour une gestion ... Read more