Conservation of the Paraná Delta, Argentina


The Parana Delta is facing a serious degradation due to modification of drainage patterns through high-impact embankment methodology fuelled by excessive extraction of wetland resources, replacement of native vegetation with forestry plantations, large scale livestock farming and a changing climate. 


This process is lead by medium to big enterprises and seriously affects local populations. Read more on the degradation of the Paraná Delta.


Our approach to counter degradation

Integrated management of wetland resources in combination with the stimulation of traditional production alternatives can reduce this stress and contribute to the long-term conservation of the Parana Delta system and biodiversity. Furthermore, this combination supports to the conservation of local communities’ traditional sources of living. Read more our work in the Paraná Delta.


About the Paraná Delta, Argentina

The Parana Delta is located in the final part of the Plata River Basin and can be depicted as a wetland macro-system that occupies nearly 17,000 km2 in Argentina. Read more about the Paraná Delta, Argentina.

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