Development of marine and coastal policies

A new law on Governance of Aceh was enacted in 2006, which provides the opportunity of developing ‘green’ policies and accelerating the process of making Aceh a ‘green’ province. WWF Indonesia together with the Green Coast partners have made an inventory of existing formal and customary laws. This study forms the basis for Aceh province to ensure the development of coastal and marine management policies that incorporate sustainable livelihood conditions for local villagers.

From 2006 to 2007, an analysis was made of two periods of laws, being the existing laws during the pre-tsunami period, and those in the period after the tsunami. Both governmental laws (called Qanun) and customary laws have been investigated.

The customary and governmental laws were analysed on the nature conservation measures they put forward, whether the government has authority to control its marine and fisheries resources, as well as whether the government policies acknowledge marine customary rights on community management.


The main outcome is that the management of the marine and fishery resources under the Qanun (provincial/municipal regulations) is also regulated in the customary laws. Hence, there is not too much difference between both. However, the Qanun do not include sea-use planning as the customary laws do.

Currently, new draft Qanun are being developed on ‘management of coastal and marine resources’ based on the outcomes of the research. The development process is based on stakeholder consultation and awareness & education campaigns.


Two booklets have been developed that describe the different environmental laws over time and provide policy recommendations to the government of Aceh. More outcomes and recommendation can be read in our publications. 

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