Our field work in the Kimana wetlands, Kenya

In the Kimana wetlands, we are continuing our work with the local communities. In the previous phase we have set up the Kimana Wetlands Association. Follow up activities include the strengthening of the association, to develop mechanisms of safeguarding the current remaining 1.5 km2 acreage of the Kimana wetlands e.g. facilitating Kimana wetlands attain protection and conservation status, as well as reviewing the wetlands management plan.

Awareness raising

The communities living around the Kimana wetlands are made aware and educated on the water use. The local actors particularly the relevant departments that also act the technical committee that is guiding the Kimana Wetlands Association is doing this work. They also educate the communities on the provisions of the wetland policy draft.

Restoration activities

The Kenya Forestry Service has already raised over 2,000 indigenous tree seedlings that will be planted around the wetlands to safe guard and protect the remaining area of the wetlands.

Applied research

We are undertaking studies to assess the agronomic and livestock issues within the management plan (zoning and what activities) and come with recommendations that would possibly provide alternative livelihood options from pastoral and farming community members.