About the project area

The project is focusing on the Mujib River. The map above shows roughly the location of the river; flowing to the dam lake and after this to the Dead Sea on the left. The river flows through the Mujib Nature Reserve that is located between the dam lake and the Dead Sea.Eventually the river ends in the Dead Sea at 416 meters below sea levels.

The water for the river comes from a huge catchment area, including the Eastern Desert. It is a very dry area with soaring temperatures, a high evaporation and little rainfall. In addition, lots of the ground water seeping towards the low lying river is used by farmers to grow various vegetable crops and trees such as olives. Along the river banks, small farms are established that depend on the surface water of the Mujib River.
The Mujib River is about the last permanent river in Jordan. A rather small stream appears in a deep canyon; streaming to the Dead Sea in the West. It contains endemic fish that are nowhere else found and is crucial for the flora and fauna of the Mujib National Reserve (including ibex, wolf, hyena, kingfishers).

Seven years ago, a dam has been built upstream the reserve. Most of this water is now going to Amman. Even though the
government is unable to meet the water needs of the city, RSCN managed to agree on a constant flow of water to still feed the Mujib River; keeping the river and Reserve alive. At the end of the river a diversion wear and water purification plant are currently built to provide water to mainly the hotels along the Dead Sea and also to Amman (pumping it all the way up again). No drop of water is wasted to the Dead Sea.

Location of the Mujib Reserve


Map of the area (click to download)