Our work in the Paraná Delta, Argentina

Wetlands International’s Latin America Office in Buenos Aires, Argentina works to characterize and show the ecological and socio-economic impacts of the “embankments – forestry – cattle ranching” model. Aim is promote a better balance of wetland ecosystem service use in the Parana Delta.

Research and lobby

Comparisons are made of productivity, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management and livelihoods of two different sites: Victoria (Entre Rios Province) and Campana (Buenos Aires Province). Using the results of the field assessment we influence the policy decisions and legal framework of the Strategic Integral Plan for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Parana Delta (PIECAS) and other relevant processes.

Awareness raising

Furthermore, local producers and others important actors are made aware how to best combine the traditional livelihoods with biodiversity conservation. Also, the Integrated Management of Wetland Resources (IMWR) approach is introduced to local communities of the Delta, preparing them for the consequences of the Strategic Plan (PIECAS).


Main partners of the project include: University of Buenos Aires (UBA), University of San Martín (UNSAM), Secretaría de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable of Argentina (Technical-administrative Secretary of PIECAS), Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Taller Ecologista de Rosario, Fundación PROTEGER, Fundación Mbiguá and EEA INTA Delta del Paraná.

Read more on our site of the Latin America Office in Buenos Aires (Spanish).

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