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Improving the water quality of the Sebou River, Morocco

The Sebou River in Morocco suffers from serious pollution problems. To successfully push for control of urban pollution, we developed a monitoring & evaluation system for surface water quality.

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Sustainable agriculture in the Dambos of Malawi

In Simlemba, Malawi we worked on tackling the issue of overexploitation of the seasonal wetlands (dambos) by agriculture. We helped farmer communities to improve farming in the dambos, manage water resources well and organised the conservation of forests higher up in the hills. 

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Solving water conflicts on the foot of the Kilimanjaro, Kenya

From 2005 till 2010, Wetlands International worked with our partner the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) in Kenya with the communities in the Kimana wetlands to improve water use. We helped to organise that the water needs of all, including three Masaai tribes, farmers and widlife for the National Parks, are balanced.

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For a healthy Inner Niger Delta, Mali

The Inner Niger Delta is a lifeline for one and a half million people, whose flooding provide fish, fodder for their cattle and water for rice production. This inland delta is also home to millions of waterbirds, that migrate to this rich environment, as well as hippos and many other species. We work with communities and Malinese government to restore the flood forest, reduce the people's poverty and prevent the negative impacts of dams and climate change on the delta. 

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Conservación de los peces de agua dulce de la Cuenca del Plata

La Cuenca del Plata conforma una gran reserva de agua dulce así como el habitad de una notable diversidad de peces, incluyendo algunas especies migratorias de importancia biológica, económica y social. No obstante, muchas de estas especies se encuentran hoy amenazadas, comprometiendo la conservación a largo plazo de sus poblaciones y la alimentación de las comunidades locales que dependen de la pesca de subsistencia.

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