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Gambia Basin demonstration project

This project aims to support management of a river shared between Senegal and the Gambia.

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Conservation of peatlands of Central Russia

The aim of this project was to demonstrate implementation of the ‘wise use’ approach for peatland ecosystems in Central and European Russia.

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National wetland strategy and action plan for Ukraine

This project aims to support strategic planning and policy development for the conservation, restoration and wise use of wetlands and wetland resources in Ukraine, and to submit a plan to the Ukrainian Ministry of Environment for endorsement.
Donor: Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

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Management plan for the proposed Volga Delta world natural heritage site

This project aims to develop a management plan for the Volga Delta as a part of the nomination for World Natural Heritage site status.

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Global agriculture and wetlands initiative

This project develops guidelines on wetlands and agriculture to assist managers and policy makers worldwide address the challenges they face. This project is being carried out together with our South Asia office.

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Central Anatolia, Turkey, wetland conservation

This project is building an NGO federation to support wetland conservation and wise use.

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Himalaya project (HimalWet)

This project aimed to develop an information base for wise use of Himalayan high altitude wetlands through integrated water resource management. An inventory of high altitude wetlands based on remote sensing data was developed together with a system of vulnerability assessment mapping. Based on these, a concept for an integrated management strategy for the region was also developed.

This project was carried out in Nepal, India, China and Bhutan through our offices in India and China.

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Flood Awareness Prevention Policy in Border Areas (FLAPP)

This project is developing a report on sustainable flood management that will share the knowledge and experience of local and regional flood experts from across Europe on how to prevent and forecast floods, evacuate people and limit flood damage. FLAPP comprises 35 partners, mostly local governments.

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Peat, biodiversity and climate change

This project assessed the capacity of peatlands to store carbon. It also provided recommendations on how peatlands could be managed to ensure their capacity to store carbon is maintained and even improved while, at the same time, conserving and restoring biodiversity values.

Storing carbon is crucial for preventing carbon dioxide emissions and therefore preventing further climate change. If the carbon of the world's peatlands is released, the level of carbon in the atmosphere will rise with 75%.

This project was implemented in China, Indonesia and the Russian Federation, together with our offices in those countries.

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Wetlands and Poverty Reduction

This programme aimed to improve policies so that they include the role of wetlands for poverty reduction; especially in developing countries.

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Malawi and Zambia: Simlemba wetlands

The project aim is to teach villagers how to take good care of the dambo and the surrounding landscape and how that will lead to more and long terms benefit for people.

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Taller para el Uso Racional de las Turberas

En abril de 2008 se llevó a cabo en la ciudad de Ushuaia, un taller multisectorial para la elaboración de una estrategia para el uso racional de las turberas de Tierra del Fuego, con el apoyo del Programa de Humedales y Pobreza de Wetlands International

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