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First meeting of the Asia-Pacific Working Group on Migratory Waterbirds and Avian Influenza

This project involved the first meeting of the Asia-Pacific Working Group on Migratory Waterbirds and Avian Influenza, which aimed to establish a regional network of management agencies and organizations of Asia-Pacific that facilitates collaboration on research and monitoring of Avian Influenza (AI) in wild waterbirds. it was held in Beijing in vember 2007, with wide representation.

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Development of the East Asian - Australasian Flyway Partnership

This activity comprises several separately funded actions all of which support development of the Flyway Partnership for East Asia - Australasia, including: hosting of the Partnership Secretariat during 2008; national workshops in Flyway countries; and support to Meetings of Partners including drafting of technical documents.

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Training of indigenous rangers in wetland and waterbird conservation, northern Australia

The activity comprises separately-funded components, all focused on developing capacity of indigenous Australians employed as natural resource rangers, to conduct wetland and waterbird survey and conservation projects in remote regions of northern Australia. Initial emphasis is on recognition and survey methods for migratory shorebirds and waterbird breeding colonies in tropical coastal wetlands.

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Development of options for a Rolling Review of Ramsar Sites in Australia

The project required preparation of a comprehensive discussion paper (with datasheets) for consideration by national and State agencies, in regard to a proposed rolling review of the status of Ramsar Sites in Australia. The work is closely linked to current work in Australia on ecological character descriptions and requires consultation with site managers and relevant agencies.

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Management of Lake Kutubu Ramsar Site, Papua New Guinea

The project aims to assess current condition of populations of freshwater fishes (especially the endemic species) at Lake Kutubu, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea, comparing species composition, sizes and abundances to baseline data from around the date of Ramsar-listing. It involves a rapid assessment of ecological health of the wetland and includes consultations with traditional land and resource owners.

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