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Global Avian Influenza Network for Surveillance (GAINS)

Wetlands International is a partner in this global initiative to share data on Avian Influenza and wild birds. Our role is to provide data on waterbirds (International Waterbird Census), to implement and coordinate surveillance in specific countries, to build capacity for monitoring waterbirds and to coordinate waterbird ringing activities in Asia.

Action Description:

This project is being carried out in Egypt, Nigeria, Ukraine and India, together with our offices in Malaysia, India, Senegal, Ukraine and Argentina. 

Implemented in partnership with BNHS, the initiative work in India focuses on active surveillance of virus / antibodies detection at Chilika Lake and field monitoring of birds at Chilika and Nandur Madhmeswar, Maharashtra. Strengthening of the Asia Pacific Working Group on Migratory Water birds and Avian Influenza which has representation from major countries from the Central Asian and East Asian Australasian Flyways was also continued under the initiative.

Action Partners:

The lead organisation is the Wildlife Conservation Society.
Donor: US-AID

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