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Inventory and recognition of freshwater fishes in Melanesia

In collaboration with regional universities and museums and fish experts, Wetlands International is preparing tools to raise awareness and capacity for inventory in regard to freshwater fishes in Melanesia.

Action Description:

A checklist of freshwater and brackish water fishes of the Fiji Islands

A key first step in development of a regional guide to freshwater fishes of Melanesia is the publication of a guide for the Fiji Islands. Aaron Jenkins (Wetlands International) and David Boseto (University of the South Pacific), with funding from the MacArthur Foundation, are spearheading this work and have produced a checklist that will be the basis for the publication.

This checklist may be downloaded by clicking here.

At present the authors recognise 161 fish taxa from 45 families.

Substantial cooperation and support from regional universities, museums, conservation organisations and landholders has underpinned the development of the checklist and field guide. See the Acknowledgments section of the checklist for full details.

Action Partners:

Funded by: MacArthur Foundation; collaboration with University of the South Pacific