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Rapid Assessment of Waterbirds and Wetlands along the Ranong and Phang-Nga Coastal Areas, Thailand

The project aimed to assess the importance of wetlands along the Ranong and Phang-Nga coast for biodiversity, and specifically to identify critical areas for waterbirds and wetland habitat conservation and promote their values as indicators of the overall biodiversity in the area.

Action Description:

The Andaman Sea Coastline of Ranong and Phang-Nga provinces covers a distance of approximately 120 km between Ranong Town in the north and Takua Pa Town in the south. Based upon the study of historical reports, topograohical maps and Google Earth satellite images, the following eight sections of the coastline were selected for rapid ecological assessment:

1. inter-tidal mud flats around Ko Khonanthi and Ranong Port in the Kra Buri River Estuary (Ranong)

2. inter-tidal mud-flats and mangroves of the Ranong Biosphere reserve (Ranong)

3. inter-tidal sand-flats in the complex of bays centered around Ao Ang, Ao Son and Ao Yai Kim (Ranong)

4. inter-tidal sand-flats in the bay at Ao Lat Not (Ranong)

5.inter-tidal flats within the Kapoe Estuary and along the adjoining coast of Laem Son National Park (Ranong)

6. inter-tidal sand-flats around Ao Ko Yu at northern end of Ko Prathong Bay (Phang-Nga)

7. inter-tidal mud-flats and mangroves in the middle part of Ko Prathong Bay (Phang-Nga)

8. beach and brackish water lagoons at Ban Nam Kem, near Takua Pa (Phang-Nga).

Action Partners:

IUCN Thailand