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Inclusive nature management in Rio Paz - Guatemala & El Salvador

In the lower basin of Rio Paz we worked to protect the river  and mangrove forests together with communties, the governments and other involved actors. Together we developed management and restoration actions for the conservation of the lower basin, meanwhile improving the well-being of the communities depending on it, on the basis of joined management through  Rio Paz Participative Environmental Management Plan (PEMP).

Action Description:

The Rio Paz River basin suffers from degradation problems related to inadequate land use management practices and the lack of a coordinated management structure for the whole of the basin.  

The lower-basin communities that suffer the most serious problems, including reduced water quality and quantity, salinization of agricultural land, and vulnerability to climatic events, can maintain and improve their resource-dependent livelihoods through participative processes for management of the coastal wetlands they inhabit.

Wetlands International Latin America & Caribbean worked to support local communities and municipal governments in the participative design of recommendations for the sustainable use, management and restoration of ecosystems in the coastal areas for strengthening of livelihoods. Additionally, lessons learned were shared with other important actors in the basin in order to highlight the importance of intersectoral and integrated management on the scale of the Rio Paz Basin.

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Action Partners:

Regional bodies: CCAD, as institutional sponsor for environmental management initiative for Rio Paz Basin.

Donors: AECID – finances Environmental Management Plan and acts as framework donor for transboundary environmental management initiatives of CCAD in Central America.  


  • IUCN-Mesoamerica (coordinator for implementation of Participative Environmental Management Plan of Rio Paz Basin).

Governments of Guatemala and El Salvador:

  • Vice-Presidency offices
  • Ministries of Environment/Ramsar administrative authorities
  • Forestry and water management authorities.

Local governments: municipalities of:

  • San Francisco Menendez in El Salvador
  • Moyuta in Guatemala.

Basin-wide stakeholders:

  • Rio Paz Basin PEMP participating organizations