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Ecotourism in Sedili Kechil, Johor, Malaysia

This project aimed to stimulate ecotourism in Sedili Kechil in Johor province of Malaysia to strengthen the livelihoods of the local community of Sedili.

Action Description:

The wetlands of Sedili are among the best remaining examples of wetlands in the country with distinct gradation of riverine vegetation and freshwater swamp forests and rich of wildlife. It is a very attractive area for tourists and hence where sustainable ecotourism can strongly contribute to local livelihoods.


Moving upriver on a boat from the sandy coastline, the distinct vegetation belts of Sedili wetlands can be seen.

The rich mangroves are followed by thriving nypa swamp at the confluence of salt and freshwater.

The scenery changes to the mixed shrub vegetation of the putat belt, followed by thick pandanus undergrowth, and finally reaching the freshwater swamp where the endangered water trumpet can be found. 

A variety of wildlife can also be found here. One might be lucky enough to see a family of smooth otters playing in the river or migratory birds feeding on the beaches. The mudflats are teaming with life such as crabs, snails and birds.  

The livelihood of the local community of Sedili is also connected to the wetlands. Fishing is an active part of their daily lives. Leaves and plant extract from the trees are used as local resources in infrastructural, medicinal and cultural aspects of their lives.

Action Partners:

Project partner:  Kumpulan Ekopelancongan Sedili Kechil


Financially supported by:
Global Environment Facility UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme



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