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Saving water for the Mujib Reserve, Jordan

Together with the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (RSCN) we worked in Jordan to reduce the impact of the dam upstream on the Mujib reserve, involve the local population in agricultural activities to save water and preserve water quality, and make sure that the Mujib reserve water needs are fulfilled in water management plans and decisions of the government.

Action Description:

Jordan is among the water poorest countries in the world. Population growth and unsustainable use such as pumping water for economic development since eighties of the past century have caused increase in the already high water stress. Nevertheless, Jordan does not have an integrated approach to water resource management.


Drivers of the current situation of water overexploitation are: conflict of use between different sectors (drinking water, agriculture, industries, tourism), poverty and sanitation problems; disappearance of wetlands (Azraq) and huge impact on ecosystems such as Mujib National Reserve.


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Action Partners:

Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (RSCN)


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