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The UN Biological Diversity Summit 2010 (Nagoya, Japan)

Wetlands International was present at the Convention on Biological Diversity in Japan. Via presentations, publications and advocacy, we pushed for an ambitious strategic plan, in which countries committed themselves to actions for the coming decade. Although our ambitions on some issues were higher than the outcomes, we are content with the consensus reached between all countries (see

Action Description:

Our specific attention was on a decision to safeguard ecosystems that have an important role for ‘water’ (like wetlands!). For this, we advocated and succeeded in getting water specifically mentioned in the agreed target (14) on ecosystem services.


On climate change, Wetlands International is relieved that the ambition to conserve existing and restore degraded ecosystems is laid down in a target (15) for 2020. This should help our work to conserve the world’s carbon rich peatlands. For all these agreements applies that ongoing attention is needed to make sure that is does not stay with words only. Wetlands international will remain involved! 


Download the Strategic Plan and Targets for 2020 or visit the CBD site for the outcomes of the conference.


Background to the UN Biological Diversity Convention and the 10th Conference of Parties (COP10)

 The year of 2010 is the United Nations year for Biological Diversity. A decade ago, close to all governments agreed to halve the loss in biodiversity by this year. In Japan, the balance was made on what has been achieved and what not. In addition, new targets were formulated for 2020. See our short policy brief on this.


Presenting the status of biodiversity

In general, the world leaders can conclude that mankind has failed to meet the ambitions to reduce biodiversity loss by 2010. Wetlands International presented the ‘State of the World’s Waterbirds 2010.’ This booklet gives a good overview on how this group of species is doing in the different parts of our globe. See


View more presentations of our team at the conference or view the photo gallery.

Links between biodiversity loss and water security

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Wetlands International is committed to save nature for future generations. We will advocate for the crucial arguments to save biodiversity and natural areas: water provision and mitigating climate change (see our policy brief).


Water: without large networks of healthy, natural areas like wetlands of high biodiversity, the world will face an alarming water crisis in terms of shortage or floods. Read more... 

Climate change: when the healthy, natural areas like wetlands of high biodiversity are lost, enormous quantities of greenhouse gasses will be released.  Read more... 


While global biodiversity loss increases at alarming rates, ministers gathered in Japan for the most important biodiversity meeting of this decade. During the meeting, not a clear picture was presented on the alarming state of biodiversity. The ambition of the COP was to decide on ambitious targets for 2020 to save our global biodiversity.

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