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UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen (UNFCCC COP15)

From 7-18 December 2009, the world leaders gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark trying to agree on a new climate deal that would come into force in 2012. Wetlands International was present with a team from different offices, aiming for strong incentives to protect and restore the world's wetlands. An adequate incorporation of wetlands into a post-2012 agreement would contribute to reducing emissions and increase the world's resilience to the impacts of climate change. 

Action Description:

Copenhagen Accord

Wetlands International was rather pleased with the final draft texts on addressing land use emissions in developed countries, reducing deforestation in developing countries and on recognising the value of ecosystems to adapt to climate change. These drafts were the result of two years of intense negotiations. However,  these documents were ignored at  the final stage of the Copenhagen summit. A weak, non-binding Copenhagen Accord is the only outcome. See our final press release.


Policy brief: our views


Download the policy brief with text suggestions that Wetlands International provided to Parties prior to the Copenhagen summit.



On the issue of  adressing emissions due to wetland loss, we work  in a coalition with global conservation NGOs: the Ecosystem Climate Alliance 

You can see the UNFCCC webcast of our site event or download the presentations.

Click here for more information on our work to save the world's peatlands. 

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