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NAHRIM-Constructed wetlands

Rehabilitation of Wetland Cell and Replanting of Wetland Plant at Tasik NAHRIM (National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia)

Action Description:

NAHRIM recently contacted Wetlands International, Malaysia about improving the condition of some mandmade lakes at their premises. They needed expert technical advice to rehabilitate an existing manmade lake located in NAHRIM’s compound. After several meetings and presentations, Wetlands International, Malaysia was appointed to become the technical advisor for the rehabilitation of the lake through the construction of proper wetland cells which will act as a filtration and pollution control medium to improve water quality in the lakes and also to conserve the richness of aquatic biodiversity of the lake environment, by increasing the abundance of species that reflect a healthy lake environment.

Recently we visited the site. Work has now begun on the wetland cell. It is squarish in shape. We have wetland plants being planted such as , Lepironia articulata, Phragmites karka, Typha etc. Planting stage is still ongoing. The wetland plants will assist the filtration process and act as a pollution control medium that will cleanse the water flowing into this wetland cell from the drainage outlets from the grounds above before being discharged into a bigger lake.

The scenery around the area is pleasant to the eye now. There are signs of fish in the lake. We also spotted tadpoles, dragonflies, butterflies, birds and insects in the area.

Action Partners: