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Linking Mangrove Conservation to Local Livelihood Improvement in South-East Johor

Mangroves worldwide provide countless benefits to mankind, yet they are constantly under threat from land conversion and development activities. The loss of mangroves often results in devastating effects on coastal communities who rely on these habitats for their survival, such as those on the Johor coast. 

Action Description:

Project description

Despite their importance, mangroves are constantly cleared or converted for economic and development purposes. To prevent further deterioration of mangrove ecosystems and reduce the negative impacts from the loss of mangroves in the local community, Wetlands International Malaysia and South East Johore Development Authority (KEJORA) with funding support from GEF SGP are working to combine environmental protection and sustainable community development by conserving the mangroves in Kampung Linting, Kampung Tanjung Surat and Kampung Noir. These communities are located at the South-eastern corner of Johor, and the are is dominated by tidal mangrove forests and extensive sea grass meadows, which support a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Our activities

This collaboration between Wetlands International Malaysia and KEJORA will not only be aimed at supplementing the income of local communities through ecotourism activities but also encouraging mangrove conservation. Besides capacity building to engage in ecotourism activities, these local communities will also be trained in mangrove rehabilitation, conservation and sustainable resource management.

By providing the local community with the necessary tools and capacity in sustainable economic activities and ecotourism, we are improving their livelihoods in a environmentally friendly way while at the same time preserving the natural environment through advocacy and awareness. 


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