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Awareness campaign for children and teachers in China, Japan and Korea

This project promotes wetland conservation and increases awareness on wetlands conservation and wise use among schoolchildren and teachers in the East Asian region.

Action Description:


Brief Description:

In April 2005, the Japanese Fund for the Global Environment (JFGE) established a three year project titled “China, Japan, Korea Wetland School Programme: Wetland Awareness Campaign for Children and Teachers in three Nations”. The project sought to raise awareness of the importance of wetland conservation among children, strengthen the exchange of information on wetland education and establish the network of wetland experiential school in the Northeast Asian region. In the first two years of the project, 2005-2006, schools have been successfully run in Zhalong National Nature Reserve, Heilongjiang and Lanzhou city, Gansu.   

 In 2007 the site of the third school was Poyang Lake, Jiangxi Province; this was approved by JFGE in April 2007. The project implementation began in April 2007 according to the project plan and all activities as described in the Grant Application have been completed at the end of March 2008.

The overall objective of the project was to promote wetland conservation and increase awareness on wetland conservation and wise use among children and teachers in East Asian region. Immediate objectives of the project include enhancement of awareness on wetland conservation among children and teachers of the three nations; expansion and following up the wetland awareness activities in past three years; promotion and increase of the number of Wetland Experimental School Systems in three nations; and share and exchange of the traditional wetland culture and knowledge.


Main activities:

  • Establish a project working team from Wetlands International-China, Ramsar Center Japan, Wetlands Korea, The Primary School affiliated to Nanchang Normal School and Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve.
  • Establish The 7th “Asian Wetland Week” Celebration Event Opening ceremony held in the Primary School affiliated to Nanchang Normal School and Wetland Experiential School in Nanchang, Jiangxi
  • Organise student painting and handwriting exhibition, dancing and singing shows
  • Student and teacher workshop
  • Get together party
  • Organise a bird watching trip in Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve
  • Teacher symposium on future development of wetland education


Main achievements :

  • The project continues to promote the exchange of children and teachers among China, Japan and Korea, by developing and increasing the wetland experimental school system and network in three nations, especially the Far-Eastern Asia region.
  • It facilitated the exchange of ideas on the wetland education and increased the awareness on wetland conservation and wise use among children and teachers in the region.
  • It enhanced wetland conservation by promoting friendship among the three nations.
  • It called for a greater emphasis from governments on wetland education for children.
  • It provided a platform for wetland experimental schools in Asia to communicate with each other and exchange wetland education experiences and lessons.
  • It attracted interests from participants to organize such activities in their own countries or regions. 

Action Partners:

Donor: Japan Fund for Global Environment