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The role of wetlands for reducing poverty at Pattani Bay, Thailand

This project aimed to raise awareness among the development and humanitarian aid sector for the need to take the values of wetlands into account in their plans and activities for Pattani Bay. The project has been successful in promoting mangrove replanting and for establishment of community patrol for illegal fishing gears.

Action Description:

Vice versa, we aimed to influence the conservation and environment sector to consider poverty reduction and socio-economic development issues in their plans and actions.



  • The establisment of community patrolling activities has resulted in increased fish and shrimp catch.
  • Livelihoods options for local community have been promoted and diversified; especially for women. The project has provided additional income to the families involved in the project.
  • The Sub-district administrative organization adopted the environmentally friendly guideline for small scale fisheries which has been developed by the local community in the region.

Action Partners:

Donor: The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Thailand